Creative Director | Director

EA Need For Speed: Undercover

This video was created for Need For Speed: Underground, it was a piece to help shape the story and develop the identity of the anti-hero’s of the game.

Need For Speed: Undercover Phreaker Video

Need for Speed: Undercover sends players racing through speedways, dodging cops, and chasing rivals as they go deep undercover to take down an international crime syndicate.


To set the mood and visual tone for our group of underground racing group. The group is tech savvy and heavily inspired by the phreakers of the 1990’s and hackers. I wanted it to feel grungy and low tech.


I wanted an analog feel so I created the visuals in illustrator and then printed them out. Then I put scotch tape on top of the print outs and then scanned it into the computer to make it feel more tangible, not something that was created in the computer and treated to feel that way. I was inspired to do this after researching the phreaker movement.