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Interactive works

Interactive Motion Prototyping

In collaboration with designers and UX and UI artists, we developed and explored product iteration through motion prototypes. We used motion prototypes as a visual and motion target for our apps. The benefits of these prototypes were establishing user flow and emphasizing certain features. We set the tone of a screen through dynamic moments.

Motion Prototyping and Development

After creating or receiving a design we prototyped different motion animations and user flows. We determined how the user would enter and exit the screen and how they would navigate through the screen. We identified how much screen real estate was too much and how much motion could be added so that it wasn’t too distracting from the main interface.

We developed a hub for everything sports related. Our research and insights showed watching a game, updating your fantasy team and browsing was very segmented, so we contained it all and made it a more social experience. When developing the motion language and UX we focused on keeping things clean, quick and informative.


We would push the edge case scenarios for screen real estate, usability and aesthetics. After we prototyped out the flow we would discuss with key stakeholders and reiterate until we found a balance between the UI and the UX.

This motion prototype displays the menu flow traversing through your selected content which you can utilize while watching NFL. We wanted the content to flip through like a traditional magazine while bringing attention to the menu with a subtle highlight.

This prototype shows how you can browse the other content ESPN has to offer in a non-obtrusive way and have the design still frame the current action. We also wanted the inertia and momentum of the menu scrolling to mimic the speed of the sports.

Apps Worked On

Below are the applications I helped develop. I worked on many different properties which helped me gather valuable insight into different markets and audiences, as well as user observations.